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Vauxhall Car Clubs

If you want more information or news on looking after your car, going to organised events, cheaper insurance, discounts and modifying your car, then join a car club. You'll be able to hear other people's experience in the type of work that you're interested in.

  Performance Car Clubs (formally Performace Nova Group)

Been going since the early 1990's and has over a 1500 members. You'll get a PCC sticker, a bi-monthly colour magazine. Which has a lot of articles and information on events, Network Q rallies regional updates, adverts and readers letters. They also have deals with other Nova and Vauxhall specialist companies that can provide a discount for members on items.

They also have a scheme with Performance Car Clubs Insurance administered by Adrian Flux. 08700 760601. Plus they also have a special scheme running with the RAC, get a 15% discount plus another 8 off if switching from another motoring organisation. The Performance Corsa Group and Performance Astra Group are also run by Performance Car Clubs.

If you want more information, then visit their web site at or write to them at:

Performance Nova Group
PO Box 19
Woodford Halse
NN11 3EG

Membership Fees: The joining membership fee is now £22.50 inc vat and renewals are £18.50 inc Vat (unchanged) per annum.

If you want to add your car club (Vauxhall related please!), then send the details to

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