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  • Thanks to the webmaster of Motor Madness who gave permission to use the small blue Vauxhall Nova SRi picture on the Nova History page.
  • Chris Hyde and Chris (at Regal Autosport) for putting both my Nova's on the 'For Sale' page on the Regal website. And of course, getting to buy Chris Hyde's DTM Calibra.
  • Thanks to Julian Sumner for giving me the idea of starting a Vauxhall Mag Petition page. And of course Robert Wood who wrote the CGI code to make it possible.
  • A personal thanks to Gareth Lewis who designed and created the Vauxhall Magazine Petition banner.
  • Thank you to Rob Lisowski for supporting the Vauxhall Magazine Petition and to use the Calibra Drivers Register name on the petition.
  • Thanks to Howell Jones who gave me pictures of his brakes ready for me to do a brake guide


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