VBOA Billing Aquadrome July 2002

These are the photo's that I took whilst at the Billing Aquadrome for the VBOA meeting in July 2002. I was there on the 'Club Calibra' with my silver Calibra. This is the 3rd time I was there and this year it didn't rain at all during the weekend, which is a first. Also thanks to Colin at www.calibra-mods.co.uk for letting me use some of his pictures he took on the day too.

108-0817_img.jpg 108-0818_img.jpg 108-0819_img.jpg 108-0820_img.jpg 108-0821_img.jpg
108-0822_img.jpg 108-0823_img.jpg 108-0824_img.jpg 108-0825_img.jpg 108-0826_img.jpg
108-0827_img.jpg 108-0829_img.jpg 108-0831_img.jpg 108-0833_img.jpg 108-0834_img.jpg
108-0835_img.jpg 108-0837_img.jpg 108-0841_img.jpg 108-0843_IMG.jpg 108-0844_IMG.jpg
108-0845_IMG.jpg 108-0846_IMG.jpg 108-0850_IMG.jpg 108-0851_IMG.jpg 108-0861_IMG.jpg
108-0862_IMG.jpg 108-0863_IMG.jpg 108-0864_img.jpg 108-0866_img.jpg DSCF0001.JPG
Dscf0010.jpg Dscf0011.jpg Dscf0012.jpg Dscf0013.jpg Dscf0014.jpg
Dscf0015.jpg Dscf0016.jpg Dscf0017.jpg DSCF0018.JPG Dscf0019.jpg
Dscf0020.jpg Dscf0021.jpg DSCF0022.JPG Dscf0023.jpg Dscf0026.jpg

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