Nova Gallery - Christina St'clair's 2.2L 8v Nova

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  • Originaly started as a Opel Corsa-A 1L (Nova)
  • Engine conversion: fitted an Astra GTE 1.8L 8v injection engine.
  • Rebored the Astra engine to 2.2L.
  • Fully chromed on all internal moving parts.
  • Performance: produces 245 bhp at the wheels
  • Does 0-60 in 4.1 secs, 85 MPH comes up in 5.3 secs and 125 MPH in 8.9 secs.
  • F16 gearbox cut & welded shift linkage.
  • Pipercross air filter.
  • Superchipped bosche box.
  • Welded engine bay.
  • Repositioned & strengthened mounts.
  • Astra GTE alternator.
  • Strut braced.
  • Nova GTE drive shafts.
  • Custom made uv joints.
  • Total output 245bhp (yes) at wheels.
  • New Nova GTE petrol tank fitted
  • Upgraded electric fuel pump with high density fuel line.

  •   BODYWORK To the top
  • Also added Astra GTE tailgate spoiler to keep the thing on the ground over 125mph.
  • Bonnet vent to boost air flow to filter.
  • Bonnet vent to cool engine bay.
  • Side bonnet aerodynamic rubbers to control air flow.
  • Side mounted vent to left rear quarter panels to cool rear wheels.
  • Tailgate Nova GTE spoiler.
  • Nissan roof spoiler (adapted).
  • Mud flaps all round.
  • Srayed two tone silvergreen/ rio verdi.

  • Upgraded the front brakes to 4 pot twin vented discs.
  • Astra Sport 14" alloys.
  • Tyres: front 195/45/14 dunlop sp sport2000, rears 185/55/14 dunlop sp sport2000
  • Nova GTE lowered 30mm.

  •   INTERIOR To the top
  • Calton sri rear headrests as Nova 1L's didn't have positions in the seat, so fitted into parcel shelf
    origional rear seat with sports covers.
  • Rricaro front seats with sports covers.
  • Astra GTE digital dash.
  • Extra ice blue interior &dash board lighting.
  • Wooden shift knob.
  • Rubberised handbrake handle & matching gear shift stem cover.
  • Double thickness soundproofing thoughout flooring & firewall.
  • Dog guard fitted between cabin and boot (in case of breakin).

  •   ICE To the top
  • Dont go there its not worth it so i fitted a computer speaker system to boost the cd / radio output to 80 watts rear / 50 watts front.

  •   SECURITY To the top
  • Security £24.99 remote alarm & a samuri sword indoors (no joking).

  •   FUTURE PLANS To the top
  • Change door cards and rear quarter cards.
  • Swap steering wheel for astra gsi.
  • Change indicator stalks for astra gsi's change wash wipe stalks.
  • Future plans to rechip bosche box and go for more power

  •   THANKS & SHOUTS To the top
  • Thanks and praise have to go to Mark of ENGINE SERVICES ASHFORD 01233 731123, if you want it he'll get it and he really is good and cares about his work. Give him a call you can't go wrong.

  •   PICTURES OF THE CAR To the top

    Front right view  Front right view  Front right view

    Front right view  Front right view  Front right view

    Front right view  Front right view  Front right view

    Front right view

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