Nova Gallery - Daniel Chambers 1L Nova

Please be patient, as there are large files downloading!

  • Vauxhall 1L, 4 cylinder, SOHC, 8v carburettor engine.
  • Standard 4 speed box.
  • No mods (due to insurance and being only 16!).

  •   BODYWORK To the top
  • Color Coded, GTE Front Bumper.
  • Standard Rear Bumper (for now).
  • LeKat Side Skirts Moulded to the car body.
  • MK2 astra wing mirrors.
  • Bee Sting Aerial.
  • Passenger Door De-locked.
  • Side Repeaters Removed.
  • Single Wiper.

  • Standard Brakes.
  • Nova GTE 3 spoke Alloys.
  • Standard Suspension.

  •   INTERIOR To the top
  • Red/Grey GTE interior.
  • Matching Rear Headrests.
  • Extra Interior Lights Added all with green light bulbs.
  • Centre Console added.
  • MK3 Cavalier Indicator/wiper stalks.
  • Mountney Steering wheel.
  • Lots of extra switches.
  • Lock on the glovebox.
  • Blue Gear Gaitor.
  • Mountney Gear Nob.

  •   ICE To the top
  • Pioneer Head Unit.
  • Tweeters in the front.
  • JBL 6x9's in the back.

  •   SECURITY To the top
  • VERY High quality alarm!

  •   THANKS & SHOUTS To the top
  • Thanks to My neighbours for not complaining about all the noise i make everyday! If you would like to know anything about the car then just e-mail me at this address

  •   FUTURE PLANES To the top
  • Bigger Alloys!, Abyss Rear Bumper, Twin DTM Exhaust, Mondeo Estate Spoiler.

  •   PICTURES OF THE CAR To the top

    pic of car  pic of car  pic of car

    pic of car  pic of car  pic of car

    pic of car

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