Donny in the Park
21st& 22nd September 2002

The first ever Donny in the Park held at Avon Park, Stratford-Upon-Avon. The sunny weather was out most of the weekend, but at times extermly windy!. Thanks to Mark for the use of his pictures that he took there. Lots of cars on show along with a few that have been featured in magazines and Fire Force 2 on the 1/4 mile strip that done it in 6 seconds and reached up to 280 MPH !!.

DSCF0003.JPG Dscf0004.jpg Dscf0005.jpg Dscf0006.jpg DSCF0007.JPG
DSCF0008.JPG DSCF0009.JPG Dscf0010.jpg Dscf0011.jpg Dscf0012.jpg
Dscf0013.jpg Dscf0014.jpg Dscf0015.jpg DSCF0016.JPG DSCF0017.JPG
Dscf0018.jpg Dscf0019.jpg DSCF0020.JPG Dscf0021.jpg Dscf0022.jpg
Dscf0023.jpg Dscf0024.jpg Dscf0025.jpg Dscf0026.jpg DSCF0027.JPG
markymark1.jpg markymark10.jpg markymark11.jpg markymark12.jpg markymark13.jpg
markymark14.jpg markymark15.jpg markymark16.jpg markymark17.jpg markymark18.jpg
markymark19.jpg markymark2.jpg markymark20.jpg markymark21.jpg markymark22.jpg
markymark23.jpg markymark24.jpg markymark25.jpg markymark26.jpg markymark3.jpg
markymark4.jpg markymark5.jpg markymark6.jpg markymark7.jpg markymark8.jpg
markymark9.jpg stratford04e.jpg stratford05e.jpg stratford06e.jpg stratford07e.jpg
stratford08e.jpg stratford09e.jpg stratford10e.jpg stratford11e.jpg stratford15e.jpg

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