Donny in the South
17th & 18th August 2002

The first ever Donny in the South held at Northweald Airfield, Essex. The sunny weather was out all the weekend and it got VERY hot at times. Thanks to Andy Doran for the use of his pictures that he took there. Lots of cars on show along with a ultra low Astra from Max Power on show and several jap cars on show too.

b001.jpg b002.jpg b003.jpg b004.jpg b005.jpg
b006.jpg b007.jpg b008.jpg b009.jpg b010.jpg
b011.jpg b012.jpg b013.jpg b014.jpg b015.jpg
b016.jpg b017.jpg b018.jpg b019.jpg b020.jpg
b021.jpg b022.jpg b023.jpg b024.jpg b025.jpg
b026.jpg b027.jpg b028.jpg b029.jpg b030.jpg
b031.jpg b032.jpg b033.jpg calibraAug2002.jpg Dscf0002.jpg
Dscf0003.jpg Dscf0004.jpg Dscf0005.jpg Dscf0006.jpg Dscf0007.jpg
Dscf0008.jpg Dscf0009.jpg Dscf0010.jpg Dscf0011.jpg Dscf0012.jpg
Dscf0013.jpg Dscf0014.jpg Dscf0015.jpg Dscf0016.jpg Dscf0017.jpg
Dscf0018.jpg Dscf0019.jpg Dscf0020.jpg Dscf0021.jpg Dscf0022.jpg

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