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Astra/Kadett Gallery Page
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Astra/Kadett Gallery
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Chris Lane's Mk4 1.4 16v

Richard Bell's Kaddett Estate

Julian Maving's 2L 16v MK2 GTE (deleted)

Pablo Brull 1.4i Opel Astra-F

Jason Coletti's 2.5L V6 GSi

Simon Maidment's 2L TD

Jeremy Baxter-Jones 1.6L Astra

Ross Witts 2L 16v MK1 Astra

Ray Smith's Astra GTE

Rudy Francoey's MK2 Kadett GSi

Clive Murry's 16v Turbo Kadett

Claudio Tziranis "Super Boss"

Harvey Emsley's 2L Astra

(formally) Dan Smith's MK1 GTE

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