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Calibra Gallery Page
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Calibra Gallery
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Dan Middleton's SE7 2L 16v

Your car could be here !!

Ian Butterworth's 2L 16v

Luke Sartin's 2L 16v

Chris Birks 2L 16v

George Osborne's 2L 16v Holden Calibra

Bryan Featherstones 2L 16v Turbo

Greg Sears' 2L 16v

Ricky's 2L 16v Holden Calibra

Richard Owen's 2L 16v

Poul Bentzen's 2L 8v

Dene Denny's Holden Turbo Calibra

Gareth Higson's 2L 16v

Andy Dixon's 2.5L V6

Alan Jenkin's 2L 16v 4x4 Turbo

(formally) Laura Sharps 2L 8v

Tim Sintebin's 4x4 Turbo Calibra

Mano Pillay 2L 16v Calibra

Ian White's 2L 16v Calibra

Lars Brüggemann 4x4 Turbo

Alan Knight's 2L 16v Calibra

Steve Hicks 4x4 Turbo Calibra

Wes Rickward's 16v Calibra

(formally) Ashley Hall's 2L 16v Calibra

Darren Walding's 2L 16v Calibra

(formally) Dan Smith's 2L 8v Calibra

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