Nova Gallery - Martin Dickinson's 1.4 Nova SR

Please be patient, as there are large files downloading!

  • Vauxhall Nova, 1.4L, 4 cylinder, SOHC, 8v engine.
  • Standard 4-speed gearbox.
  • K&N air filter.
  • Peco Big Bore 2.
  • Straight Through Single Box Exhaust.

  •   BODYWORK To the top
  • Rear clusters bottem half tinted in black.
  • Oval clear side repeaters.
  • Bee sting arial.
  • Bumpers & grill standard.

  • Standard brakes.
  • Momo alloys with Pirelli 6000 tyres.
  • Standard suspension.

  •   INTERIOR To the top
  • Colour coded dash in red.
  • Red gear gater.
  • Silver gear knob, otherwise standard interior (very boring!).
  • Homer simpson on back shelf :)

  •   ICE To the top
  • Panasonic cd player.
  • 6X9ís on back shelf + 100W bass cannon in boot

  •   SECURITY To the top
  • Immobiliser, solex's, etc

  •   THANKS & SHOUTS To the top
  • Stuart for selling me a class car, advice from on mods (im also a moderator for the site ! cheap bits for your modded motor with no charge on postage if u live in UK, thanx to topbuzz for the guides i will be using shortly :)

  •   FUTURE PLANES To the top
  • Single front wiper, fiesta rear wiper arm, peco bb4, meshing of grille, focus clear side repeaters.

  •   PICTURES OF THE CAR To the top

    pic of car  pic of car  pic of car

    pic of car  pic of car  pic of car

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