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Steve Blanche's Nova 1.6 GTE Turbo

Please be patient, as there are large files downloading!

  • Vauxhall Nova GTE, 1.6L, SOHC 8v injection engine.
  • 1.6L 8v turbo conversion running a Garret T3 custom intercooler.
  • Lower compression engine custom intercooler.
  • FSE Boost valve extra fuel switch.
  • K&N 57i filter.
  • Bailey header tank and dump valve.
  • Custom pipe work fuel/water/oil.
  • Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust polished - 2.25" bore 4.5" tailpipe. Jap box.
  • TAS Heavy duty engine mounts.
  • Performance - Around 160 bhp.
  • Lot of engine and suspension chrome detailing.
  • Standard SR )F13) close ration gearbox.

  •   BODYWORK To the top
  • MK2 Face lift (front wings, grille, headlamps).
  • Cool louvres bonnet.
  • Chrome DTM cup mirrors.
  • Clear side repeaters.
  • Clear rear cluster.
  • Bat motorsport front bumper.
  • Aero fuel filler cap.
  • Paint – one of custom paint blue slight purple tinge.
  • Smooth rear bumper.

  • Front brakes– GTE 16v (ATE) calipers with vented drilled discs.
  • Mintex pads.
  • Stand rear drums.
  • Wheels - 7J X 17" Dare ‘s V1.
  • Tyres – falkerns 40 series.
  • Suspension – Gmax shocks front and rears.
  • -35mm Spax’s Sport springs.
  • Polysport uprated bushes all round with GSI tiebars & roll bars.
  • Lowered tie-bar mountings.

  •   INTERIOR To the top
  • Mk2 GSI door cards and GTE seats.
  • Mk2 dash with Astra LCD instrument panel.
  • Rear head-rest conversion.
  • Mounted boost gauge in heater vent.

  •   ICE To the top
  • None fitted.

  •   SECURITY To the top
  • Lots.

  •   THANKS & SHOUTS To the top
  • None quoted.

  •   FUTURE PLANES To the top
  • Re-trim interior in black leather.
  • V6 calipers and disk.
  • Front mounted intercooler in bumper.
  • And some ice.

  •   PICTURES OF THE CAR To the top

    pic of car  pic of car  pic of car

    pic of car  pic of car  pic of car

    pic of car  pic of car  pic of car

    pic of car  pic of car

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