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Gallery Submit Page
The Gallery Pages is where YOU have the opportunity to show your car to the world via the internet. This section is devoted to you!! Simply send in your pictures and a description / list of features of your car. The technical specification that you'll provide can include the following categories:-
Your name Very important, include your Christian name and Surname please.
Engine & Transmission The type of car (ie Nova SR, Calibra etc) and engine size, engine modifications, air filters, strut braces, gearbox upgrades, exhausts. etc.
Bodywork Includes external features like bodykits, lights, tinting, cosmetic changes etc.
Brakes, Wheels & Suspension As the title suggests, this includes brake upgrades, suspension changes, alloy wheels.
Interior Colour or style of interior, steering wheel, trim, seats, extra features added etc.
ICE What In Car Entertainment have you got? Size of speakers, Amps, woofers, TV's etc.
Security Just mention if a CAT1 alarm or immobiliser is fitted or car tracking device. No details of make or manufacture need to be mentioned, unless you want to.
Future Plans A few modifications that you intended to do in the future.
Thanks & Shouts

Any free plugs or personal thanks to people and anything else you want to include.

Before you send, can you quickly note the following:-

  • Please ensure you have included your name in the submission, and not your nick name like 'Miffy' or something like that.
  • You can send in as many photos you want and in any size. Don't worry about the size (memory or physical size), we can reduce them. Remember, the more the merrier and you'll have a whole page to your car!!
  • When sending pictures of your car, please do NOT send bitmaps (*.bmp). Because these are raw, large files for digital images and it takes you and me a long time to download them. Please can you send them compressed, ie JPEG (.jpg) format. Please see the 'Help' file of your graphic/art package for more information on how to save images in this format.
  • Also you may wish to compress all the images as a zip file. This is fine be me as it works well for any image formats and any other types of computers out there (i.e. Mac's).
  • Also AOL users, it is preferred to send ANY attachment files in a zip file, as for some reason, JPG or GIF images etc do not show correctly on my e-mail software.
  • To zip files to send, you may download Winzip for FREE at their site at http://www.winzip.com.

Send in your pictures and details to gallery@topbuzz.co.uk


Is my car good enough to be featured on the web site?

Yes. Any car will be accepted and featured in the gallery pages. All we ask is that the car must be either a Vauxhall, Opel, Bedford or Holden car. It doesn't have to be modified to get featured, standard cars are always welcome.

When does my car get put up on the site?

All submissions are based on a first come, first served method. We at times receive many car submissions. Because of this we usually add one new car to the gallery pages each week. Now all we need is 4 cars submitted, and of course it takes a month till we add all the cars to the site. On the home page of the web site, we list the names of people who have submitted their cars to the web site. If your name is on the bottom, then you'll have to wait till you get to the top of the list before your car is added to the gallery.

I want to submit my car, but there is no car category for it?

It doesn't matter, send it in and we'll create a new car category for it !

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