Fitting Bonnet Lifters
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     Difficulty Rating: 1/5 - Should take no longer than 15 minutes.
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Created: 29 April 2001
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This is a step-by-step guide on fitting bonnet lifters to a Nova. However, this particular kit can be fitted to a Nova, but others can also be fitted to Corsa, Astra, Cavalier and Calibra. And the big plus point of this kit is that there is NO drilling required (Astra/Kadett version will need drilling to fit). It's literally all "plug and play" hardware. You simply remove bolts already on the car and replace them with bolts in the kit. The whole installation should take you no longer than 15 minutes as it all snaps into place. The otherside is exactly the same procedure.

However, it may be the particular kit that I received, but it was not at it's best quality. All the bolts and threads were very bad, infact many bolts did not screw in correctly. I had to re-tap and die the bolts again by hand to get them working as they should. If you need to do this then you need a 9mm with 1.25mm pitch tap and die set, which is a very common size.

With that aside the kit was easy to fit (albeit the instructions are in German only). I should point out that the struts are VERY hard to compress. So hard that I thought they were faulty because I could not compress them with may hands or even pushing one end onto the floor. I had second thoughts of sending them back but I thought I'd fit them to the car quickly (as they can come off again easily). And they work! The only down side was that it lifted the bonnet up slightly when closed, by about 3mm on one end. To this day I can't seem to rectify that but it's no big problem.

Bonnet lifter kit 10mm spanner 13mm spanner 13mm socket
Ratchet Tap & die set (metric)    

Bonnet lifter set £35
Spanner set (metric) £10
Ratchet with sockets (metric) £15

  General Notes: To the top

Just before you start, make sure you note the following:

  • The bonnet lifters will be near impossible to compress by hand, so don't think they are faulty when you receive them. Once they are installed on the car, the bonnet should lift itself up once the bonnet is about 1 foot in the air.
  • There were four right angled circular clips that are supplied with the kit. You snap on the lifter cup, insert the clip into the small holes in the cup and flip over the clip and it snaps around the neck of the cup. This is to stop the cup from coming off the ball bolt.
  • Once the bonnet lifters are snapped onto the ball bolts, these can be easily removed again by slightly tilting them to one side and pulling up. They should just pop off.
  • Install the bonnet lifter thickest side uppermost.

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Open the contents and check that all items are present. Instructions are in Germany only unfortunately. Open up bonnet and look at the hinge. There should be a hole already present for you to use. Install the ball bolt into the tower and (13mm) bolt this onto the hinge. Don't forget the large washers (as shown).

Step 4 Step 5 Step 6
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Take out the 3rd wing bolt and replace with the ball bolt and small washer as supplied (10mm spanner). Push the thin stem half onto the wing ball bolt and insert the right angled clip and snap into place. Simply snap the top end (fattest of the tube) onto the ball bolt and insert the right angled clip as before.

Step 7 Step 8
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Remove any padding or sponge in the way of the bonnet lifters. The bonnet lifter is installed, repeat the same procedure for the other side.  

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