Fitting Clear Front Indicators
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Created: 10 Feb 2002
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This is a step-by-step guide on fitting clear front side indicators to a MK1 Nova. The process is similar to a MK2 Nova but some of the fixings may be slightly different and so is removal of the front grille.

It requires no modifications to the body work, the old orange indicator simply slides of the main light cluster and the clear unit slides back on. Even the same bulb can be used (clear bulb). There is no need to use orange bulbs as the clear indicator unit has a orange lens inside the unit, which is covered by a clear lens.

This is a easy modification, should take no less than 30 minutes to complete and shouldn't effect your insurance (but check with them to make sure, but I would personally be surprised if they cared).

The same modification can also be carried out on other Vauxhall/Opel modals like the Astra, Cavalier etc. Most of the newer models (i.e. Corsa, Vectra) already have clear lenses indicators anyway.

  Parts: To the top
Pair of clear indicators Socket set (metric)    

  Cost: To the top
Clear front indicators (pair) - Nova < £30
  • The clear indicators are available from many places including Price includes VAT but P&P is extra (about £5).

  General Notes: To the top

Just before you start, make sure you note the following:

  • Have a Haynes book in front of you so you know how to remove the front grille and side indicator for your car.
  • When fitting the headlamp cluster back into the car, ensure that the unit sits in the little white 'pegs' on the chassis. This makes the headlamp cluster steady in the car, otherwise the light beam is out and its a MOT failure.
  • If you touch any bulbs with your hands/fingers, they should be cleaned of your grease on your hands with a cloth before fitting them back into the light cluster.
  • On the Nova headlamp, removing the side indicator may be difficult because of the retaining clips. They can easily break due to their age now. This is not a problem as the indicator unit is held in with its own friction and won't simply slide out.

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Open the bonnet and undo the 2 bolts on the headlamp cluster. You may need to remove the front grille, remove the 3 retaining bolts on the slam panel. Extract the headlamp cluster outwards to expose the connectors and wiring behind.

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Locate the side indicator bulb holder, twist and extract the bulb. On the side indicator, push the two small retaining clips in and slide the unit out towards the rear of the car. Replace the orange side indicator with the clear version and slide/snap it back into place.

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Refit the side indicator bulb. Fit the headlamp cluster back into the car, ensuring the unit is sitting on the white 'pegs'. Refit the front grille, close the bonnet and try out the new indicators. Job done !

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