Fitting a front splitter
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Created: 3 Dec 2000
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..and after.
...and after.

This is a step-by-step guide on fitting a front splitter to the bottom of a Vauxhall Nova GSi front bumper. The same method can be applied to other Vauxhall bumpers (i.e. Astra, Calibra etc). The splitter fitted here is an (early) SEAT Cordoba which is deeper than the Renault versions. The most common splitters fitted are:-

  • SEAT Ibiza.
  • SEAT Cordoba.
  • Renault Laguna (very common).
  • Renault Espace.
  • MK3 VW Golf GTI.
  • VW VR6 Golf.

This SEAT splitter already came in two half's, which is handy because usually the first job is to cut the splitter in half because it is too long. The corners of the splitter never fit the curve of the Nova bumpers, so small 'V' shapes will be cut in the corners to allow the splitter to bend into shape. After which it is bolted down with self tappers. Once in place, the ends usually have to be cut off as well as they protrude off the edge and will foul the front wheels. This is easily done as it's only made of plastic and is easy to cut and form.

Some people have been able to fit the splitter while the bumper was still on the car. With this particular splitter, I had to remove the front bumper to gain better access, mainly because my car has been lowered, and it was a wet day (I didn't want to get wet :)

Front splitter Hack saw Electric drill Drill bits
Self tappers Screw driver Masking tape Pen or pencil
Axle stands (pair) Trolley jack Tape measure File or sand paper

SEAT front splitter (Cordoba, early style) £25 The part number for the SEAT Cordoba splitter is 6K6 805 903 and 6K6 805 904 and costs £25. Buy as many self tappers as you wish, the size stated gave a good bite into the plastic bumper.
Self tappers 20x5mm (A/R) £?

Just before you start, make sure you note the following:

  • If you've got the Haynes manual for your car, have this is front of you. You'll need it on how to remove the front bumper if need be.
  • The SEAT Cordoba splitter was manufactured in two half's, if other types aren't then you will need to cut the splitter in half.
  • As a general rule of thumb, the SEAT splitters (typ £18+) are cheaper than Renault versions (typ £50+). I brought mine from a car show event, hence I'm not aware of the price from a main dealer.
  • When drilling the holes for the self tappers, remember to drill a large enough hole in the splitter so that the screw can fit straight through. Then in the bumper itself, select a smaller drill bit so that the self tapper has got something to bite into.
  • Judging where to drill into the bumper so that it lines up with the holes in the splitter can be a bit daunting, just take your time and double check before you drill.
  • The corners of the splitter will need slots or small 'V' shapes cut so that the splitter can bend and follow the curve of the bumper. Getting self tappers in the corner is very difficult, don't be afraid to bend the splitter as it is durable.

OK, got all the above? Then follow the steps below (remember to click on the pics for a bigger view):

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Click for a bigger view Click for a bigger view Click for a bigger view
Remove any plastic pips or tabs that will not allow the splitter to fit flat on the bumper. Mark out exactly where the middle is, and mark it. With the splitter in two parts, offer one section up and tape it into position. The Nova GSi bumper has a lip running all the way underneath. Push the splitter up to this point, as it helps to keep the splitter in position.

Step 4 Step 5 Step 6
Click for a bigger view Click for a bigger view Click for a bigger view
Drill small holes in each 'tab' along the splitter. The fiddly bit, using your judgment, drill holes in the bumper which line up with the tabs. Secure the splitter down with self tappers. On the corners, cut small 'V' shapes which allows the splitter to bend into position. When the corner is secured, the splitter sticks out too far. Use masking tape to mark the line on which to cut.

Step 7 Step 8 Step 9
Click for a bigger view Click for a bigger view Click for a bigger view
Once cut, file or sand down the edge. Again use self tappers to secure the corner down. This may be difficult because of where it has to bend. Put enough self tappers in the splitter so that it held down well. You could even use a bonding compound (i.e. Silk-O-Flex) to help. Now it is the same process for the matching half. Put the front bumper back and see how low your looks now. A word of warning, approach speed bump at slow speeds, because they tend to catch the splitter.

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