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Mechanical Modifications

This section will cover modifications that are possible on cars. It will include the mechanical features of a car including brakes, suspension, wheels, alloys, braking system, bushes, anti-roll bars etc. Most of these guides are a step-by-step process showing you what to do and what is involved. Most if not all the guides are also available in downloadable formats, such as Acrobat Reader format (printing) or the guide itself compressed (zipped) for downloading for later reading. You will need the following programmes as shown on the left to be able to view or use them. Use the key below to gauge how difficult each modification will be. Please pick from the list below.

  Difficulty key:-
Dead easy, even your Gran can do this.
A nice weekend job, nothing you can't handle.
Starting to get challenging, but some parts can be a reel pig to do.
Might need some help on this, and the right tools will make it easier.
Best left to the experts, but still possible if your have the time and tools.


Warning: Before carrying out these modifications to your car, make sure your insurance company will accept them, otherwise you may find you've just made your policy void !

  Fitting Braided Brake Hose Kit [Difficulty: ] Dec 2001 - Rev 2 To the top

Fitting Braided Brake Hoses

Step-by-Step Guide

This is a step-by-step guide on fitting a set of braided brake hoses to a Vauxhall Nova, hence replacing the orignal rubber hoses on the brake system. Fitting these stainless steel hoses will improve on brake pedal feel.

  Fitting a Suspension Kit [Difficulty: ] Jan 2001 - Rev 1 To the top

Fitting a suspension kit

Step-by-Step Guide

This is a step-by-step guide on fitting a suspension kit to a Vauxhall Nova which also lowers the car -30mm all round. This modification can be easily done in a weekend with a few tools. NOTE: this modification will affect your insurance premium.

  Nova 16v Brake Conversion [ Difficulty: ] March 2000 - Rev 2 To the top

Nova 16v ATE brake conversion

Step-by-Step Guide

This is a step-by-step guide on fitting the bigger 16v brakes on any Vauxhall Nova. This conversion is for the front brakes only and includes what parts and tools you need. You could save up to £140 by following this DIY guide.

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