Fitting Side Indicators
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     Difficulty Rating: 2/5 - Some cutting is required.
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Created: 1 Jan 2001
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..and after.
...and after.

This is a step-by-step guide on fitting side indicators onto any model of a Vauxhall Nova/Corsa A. However the same method can be implemented on other vehicles, some are easier to do than others. This modification was carried out on a Nova GTE and clear Corsa side indicators were fitted on the wings. These items were NOT original Vauxhall indicators (it quotes on the packet "Vauxhall Corsa Clear Side Repeaters"), but as soon as you open the packet, you can tell they are after market items.

At the time the car was going in for a full respray and I had the opportunity to fit new wings, hence why this guide shows them removed and the wiring behind it. This way it was easy to carry out the job, but for others, removing the wing may be a bit daunting. It is possible to pull out the indicator far enough and fit the new clear indicators in place, but room is limited.

These particular indicators have a neck for the bulb, but it is at an angle. Hence the original hole in the wing needs to be modified so that it fits the neck and a slot long enough so that the clip works. The plastic tab and clip can be removed and the side indicator can be stuck on in place with either tape or pads. However, they can begin to come off with the weather conditions it has to put up with. NOTE: Ford indicators are easier to fit because they have a straight neck and no clips, i.e. they must be stuck in place and there is no need to modify the original hole in the wing.

Side Indicators (pair) Amber bulbs Corsa bulb holders 2-pin plugs (pair)
Rubber gaskets Rust stopper Thin wire Male/Female bullet plugs
Metal files Electric drill & bits Canter punch Hammer
Wire cutters Masking tape Bullet crimper Pen/pencil
Soldering Iron Solder Electric Tape Heat Shrink (small)

Clear Corsa side indicators (pair) £12
  • The part number for a new Corsa bulb holders (each) are 90486250.
  • The part number for indicator gaskets (each) are 90486264.
  • 2-pin plugs were sourced at a Vauxhall spare parts place, they can come off a Corsa, Astra, Cavalier or Calibra.
  • Amber bulbs were purchased from a local car accessory shop.
Original Corsa bulb holders x 2 £1.34 ea
2 x 2-pin plugs to fit into bulb holders. £1 ea
Gasket for indicators (pair) 24p ea
Amber bulbs x 2 20p ea

Just before you start, make sure you note the following:

  • If you need to remove the front wings, buy a Haynes manual for your car and have this is front of you. You'll need it on how to remove the front wing, some interior trim and (possibly) the front bumper.
  • When the front wings are removed and replaced, don't forget to put fresh water sealant on the joining surfaces. This stops water entering behind the panels and prevent corrosion.
  • This guide shows using a soldering iron to solder the 2-pin plug wire in place. Remember to insulate the two joins with either electric insulation tape or small pieces of heat shrink (you'll need a heat gun or very hot hair dryer to shrink it).
  • The polarity does not matter when connecting the 2-pin plug to the indicator wiring loom, as it's a bulb.
  • Also Bullet plugs may be used instead of soldering. But it would be ideal to tape the connectors together to stop them from coming lose via vibration. The last thing you want to do is remove the wings again in the future to make a better join.
  • The guide shows the modified hole being cut in a new wing, which is to be painted later on. However, most people will be doing this modification on their present front wings. So be VERY careful were you drill and file. You don't want to slip and scratch the paint work. As a tip, cover the cutting area in masking tape. That way you can draw the outline of the cut, plus it protects it a bit if you slip with the file.
  • When the new hole is drilled in the front wings, put some rust stopper on the fresh cuts to prevent it from rusting in the future.
  • When the indicator is snapped into place, in the future when the bulb needs to be replaced, they can snap back out again. However, access to the back of the Nova front wing is limited, and only a small gap up near the top inside. This may be big enough to slide you arm in and with your hand, squash the clip enough for the indicator to be removed.

OK, got all the above? Then follow the steps below (remember to click on the pics for a bigger view):

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Click for a bigger view Click for a bigger view Click for a bigger view
Make sure you have the parts as shown above. The gasket helps the indicator sit probably and stop water entering behind the wing. Click all the parts together. As these are after market items, the bulb holder may be difficult to engage. Some trimming of the rubber 'O-ring' may be required. Use the template above for the dimensions to cut out on the wing. Make sure the long slot is pointing towards the front of the car.

Step 4 Step 5 Step 6
Click for a bigger view Click for a bigger view Click for a bigger view
With the aid of the template, cut the indicator hole. The dimensions given are the minimum, so extra filing may be required. Paint some rust stopper on fresh cuts. Cut the small plastic pip on the end of the clip. This needs to be removed to make it easier to snap into place in the wing. Trail fit the indicator a few times to perfect the modified hole. Try and make a tight fit, so that the indicator hole is not visible from the out side world.

Step 7 Step 8 Step 9
Click for a bigger view Click for a bigger view Click for a bigger view
Cut the original indicator off, keep as much wire as possible. With the wing off, solder the 2-pin plug wires to the original indicator wire (bullet plugs may be used as an alternative) Fit the wing back on. You should have enough wire so that the 2-pin plug can be exposed. Fit the indicator onto the plug. Repeat for other side. If the cutting was correct, it shall snap into place, and with the gasket on, should be nice and tight. Remember to fit the bulb in first though :)

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