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Fig1. Twin reverse clusters with Astra fog lamps.

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Fig 2. Euro offside light cluster.

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Fig 3. Circuit diagram for twin reverse clusters and extra fog lamps.

This is an easy mod to do on any Vauxhall Nova. You have two choices, either have twin reverse lights or twin fog lights. It's totally legal to do, so long as your car has a rear fog lamp somewhere, you'll need this to pass the MOT. But surprisingly you DON'T need any reverse lamps to pass the MOT. The rear light clusters in question are the European version, i.e. the one's that fit onto the Opel Corsa (A). So to get twin reverse, you need the offside Euro cluster.

To get these lights you can try your local Vauxhall dealer to import the euro cluster which costs £35.49 including VAT. Then you'll need to get the fog lights off an Astra, which are 5.06 each. But if you intend to go for twin fog, then you don't legally need any reverse lamps. The total can cost 45.61 including VAT with the twin fog lamp option.

But you can get these clusters £15 cheaper!

E-mail Jonathan Evans at with your name and address and he'll send you details of where to send a cheque for £20. He will be able to source you a quality second hand euro cluster. This price includes P&P as well. I've ordered one and is pictured in Fig 2. I chose to have twin reverse cluster, which is the easiest option and brought 2 Astra fog lamps from my Vauxhall dealer (part number = 90243431). The wiring diagram modification you'll need is shown in Fig 3. All that is required is to add 2 extra wires to the rear cluster multi-plugs as the euro cluster will fit straight into the original cluster you've just taken out. Then the only brave part is to fit and cut two holes in your rear bumper for the twin fog lamps (as shown in Fig 1).

Download the following MS Word95 documents for more details and how to fit them:

What to buy and how to fit them (7K).
Click here to download it.

Reverse cluster and fog lamp circuit diagram, same as Fig 3 (20K).
Click here to download it.

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