Vauxhall Magazine Petition
NOTE: The Petition is now CLOSED!
Thank you to the people who signed the petition.

What it could look like.

Euro Opel Mag
European Opel Mag.

Ever noticed how many car magazines are on sale today? Loads aren't there! You've got your all round car magazines, like Revs, Max Power and Fast Car etc. You've got dedicated car magazines to Fords, VW's, BMW's and even kit cars! But where's the mag devoted to your beloved Vauxhall/Opel?? Can't see it can you? Has it sold out? No. Is it hiding behind the other car magazines? No. The answer is, there isn't one! But there are a few in Europe, but why not over here?

Is there a solution?

Yes there is a way, if enough people are interested, the magazine publishers will also be interested. Get as many signatures as possible from people (don't have to be Vauxhall owners of course), Vauxhall clubs and other societies etc and get their support. Once enough signatures have been collected, forward these to numerous amount of magazine publishers and beg/pray/bribe them until they produce a magazine about Vauxhall cars. Simple!

Total Vauxhall MagazineHOT NEWS - August 2001:
On the 24th August the first ever UK magazine aimed at Vauxhall owners was released on the shelves. The magazine publisher are based in Gloucester and are called "A&S Publishing". First impressions of the magazine is very good and it has a lot of petetional to be around for many years to come. To this end the Vauxhall Magazine Petition is closed, so thank you to you out there who signed the petition. See their web site for more details at

Total Vauxhall Magazine NEWS - July 2001:
The 'Stuart Group' publishers in Kent went quite and we believe that the magazine never got off the ground. But a new piece of news was mailed to us that a magazine publisher in Gloucester called "A&S Publishing" is actually releasing a magazine called "Total Vauxhall" on the 24th August 2001 !! See their web site for more details at

NEWS - April 2000:
The rumours are coming stronger and stronger that there IS going to be a dedicated Vauxhall Magazine on the shelves soon, around the end of May 2000. It seems the magazine publisher, 'Stuart Group' are based in Kent and it will be called "Performance Vauxhall Magazine".

Thanks in advance,
Alan Knight (webmaster & organiser),
Julian Sumner (founder) and
Robert Wood (coder).

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