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This salesperson was stubborn, he knew full well that he could sell this car tomorrow anyway if I didn't buy it. So in the end I did, but kept the Metro. I had two problems, need to sell the Metro fast (tax and insurance was coming close for renewal) and spend this on my new insurance for the Nova. I had a bit of luck selling the Metro for 600 privately in about 3 weeks. So now I'm a proud owner of a Red SR, with replaced head lamp and wing mirror.

NovaPic1 NovaPic2
My second car, looks nice then, but not now (needs a wash etc).

I've been driving around in my SR for a year or so now, since then I've been planing out what to do with the car. The first thing to do is to have money, I didn't want to borrow any so I saved, well tried. Why is it that you can never save money, or a least not for very long. You have your heart set on something and all you've got to do is save a certain amount each month for a year (which do go quickly). You end up spending it on impulse buys, presents, holidays, bits for your car, or the worst offender going out!!

Anyway, during the year of planning, I put pen to paper and did a artists impression with mods and the colour I wanted. The original picture came from an advert in the back of REVs which was selling these cartoon pics of cars. I brought one, copied it and then mucked about with it. The pic is shown below, not bad considering I only had three colours of blue felt tip pens to play with and a bottle of Tip-Ex to do the shiny refection bits. I named the project, TOPBUZZ.

Click the pic to get a larger version

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