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Project TOPBUZZ begins...

I've got a sound shell, good condition interior, lots of ideas and some money to spend. I've joined the Performance Nova Group, and with them they have discounts on some companies, so I'll be using these as much as possible to save money. Done a lot of research on things you can or can't do and what type of stuff to get. "So what can I do with my car" I said, well look at the list below.


  • Remove SR kit and fit something else, NOVADOSE kit??
  • Modifiy rear arches to fit bigger wheels (16in??).
  • Remove SR spoiler and fit GSi type with brake light.
  • Fit Astra functional bonnet vents.
  • Get a bee sting arial (I know eveyones got one, but there a must).
  • Get some decent alloys, may be 15 - 16in with 195s.
  • Respray entire car blue (metallic?).
  • Mechanical/Engine
  • Engine transplant, fit Corsa GSi Sport 16v 1.6 litre engine :-).
  • Fit better gearbox.
  • Replace weedy front SR brakes with 16v stuff.
  • Replace back drums with disc's (from Astra).
  • Replace SR suspension and springs with something better and lower it.
  • Interier
  • Fit Astra digital dash for that knight rider look :-).
  • Replace steering wheel for a leather one.
  • Put a decent gear knob and gearstick gatter.
  • May fit a Nova GSi dash in (still thinking about this one).
  • Fit better seats, RECAROs, COBRAs etc.
  • Re-trim back seats to look as front seats.
  • Colour code interior in blue highlights.
  • Fit electric windows.
  • Put a factory sunroof on.
  • ICE

    I don't want to go mad on the ICE (i.e. money), as I don't think it's worth it. I'm looking for a system which runs 50W RMS (about 100-150W MAX) all round. Plus make it look nice and tidy with door pods and home made enclosures, no visible wires etc.

  • Take out factory headunit and get a 6-10 disc changer/headunit.
  • Replace front speakers with 6' components
  • Make door pods to fit front subs.
  • Make custom boot enclose to fit amps and subwoofer.
  • Make enclosure in such a way to still get at spare wheel & tools.
  • Put 6x9s in the parcel shelf (MDF type).
  • Might fit some neon's to lighten it up a bit.
  • As you can tell from the list this is going to take a while to do and a lot of money. Labour time and VAT take up the real cost. The actual cost of parts is quite small. But there are two problems with the stuff I want to do with my SR, that's the paint work and the engine transplant. The cost of totally respraying a car inside and out in a different colour almost made me faint. With a bigger engine comes extra weight, torque and strain on the body shell, which the SR was never designed for. Plus the extra cost of getting a sunroof fitted and electric windows, things were looking bleak.

    I did some more research into the chassis, respray, sunroof and electric windows and come to this conclusion. It would be costly and inefficient to do all this work on a E reg Nova SR. The solution to the problem would be to by a another car, a GTE. Why, well the chassis was made stronger, all GTEs and GSi's were made with thicker 5mm gauge steel plus they were engineered with 1.6 engines in mind. The correct fuel system and pumps are fitted as standard and most already have electric windows and sunroofs fitted.

    This raised another problem, trying to find a Nova GTE in blue, with a decent shell and with a sunroof and electric windows.

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