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The search for (another) Nova begins...

So another long search began, not to mention a waste of money and time buying the SR, only to sell it sometime in the future. And of course the money I saved had to go towards buying the GTE, this meant I started to consider to get a loan from my building society. I also wanted to buy the GTE from a garage, I knew that it meant paying a bit more for it than privately, but at least I could part exchange my SR and get rid of it quickly.

Getting a loan wasn't as easy as I first thought. The problem with me is my age and that I've never owned a credit card or owed any money to any one. So when they did a credit check on me, they didn't fine one, so they had no history to go on. The solution to the problem was to get a credit card, which I did through my building society. I used it a few times (to get good credit history, which means more money) and tried again a few months later, at which point they accepted me and gave me a loan. But I don't need it just yet, I need to get a GTE first, a blue one with good bodywork. Almost another 6 months went by with no trace until...

I've found one...

A G reg Metallic blue Nova GTE, in Egham, Surrey. It is a private sale rather than from a garage and its a fair distance from Medway (Kent). But I've been searching for so long that I decided to go and have a look at it. The cars condition was good, rear arches were perfect, high mileage but that didn't matter as the engine was going to be replaced anyway. It has some history, new brakes and a recent MOT. The down side was that it had no tax and the dash dials didn't work quite right (apart from the Speedo). I checked the documents and done a HPI check and so did the owner before he brought it. It was a perfect base for a project car at only 1800, but it one big problem. It had no chassis number.

So what if it hasn't got a number? Thinking of the worst case, the car could be a clone or even a ringer. Thinking about the lighter side of it, it could have had an accident recent in its history. The damage was such that it was better to get a new shell rather than repair the original. Unfortunately a HPI or Used Car Data check can't tell you this. Neither can the DVLA (for clones) or the Police. In fact no one can tell me what had happened to the car.

The truth comes that as a member of the general public, no one can tell me anything because of the Data Protection Act. The DVLA can't tell me if there was a duplicate request for the V5 form. The police can't tell me of past accidents because of the Act. If the car owner was insured Third Party only, then ANY claims or accidents are not recorded, so no check up can be made (including HPI checks). Also if a car hire firm used the car, they would have their own insurance schemes, which mean again no accidents or claims would have been recorded. So I had to make a gut decision, should I buy it, or leave it.

I made a final decision, reluctantly "if in doubt walk away" was the attitude. If I had brought the car, I would have that defect on my mind. Because if I'd done all that work on it, and the police/insurance wanted it, I would lose the lot, the money and the mods. So after letting a potentially good GTE go, I started to look for another one.

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