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The search for (yet another) Nova begins...

A stroke of luck, within only 2 weeks another GTE was found. Again it was G reg blue Nova GTE in Guildford Surrey, only 30 miles away from the other GTE I saw. So off I went on another long trip to look at this car. The car itself was good, full service history from new, complete Vauxhall manuals and books. It had quite low mileage, 98K on the clock and a Toad immobiliser and alarm. All the documents were up to scratch, including the chassis number. Even the HPI check said it was clear. But there was one small point on the car I wasn't keen on.

The arches on this were shoot away, the previous owner wanted to fit bigger wheels. So in his wisdom smacked to arch lips so they folded back. Unfortunately there's a right way of doing this and a wrong way of doing it, he done it the wrong way. The paint had cracked around the fold and the metal was never treated with rust stopped etc, so it simple slowly but surly corroded. I did want the arches rolled anyway, but to put this right would cost me a bit more money in parts and labour to get it repaired. But everything else was OK, the extra insurance wasn't too bad either on it. So I brought it for 2500 at the end of the day.

Of course this meant that now I've got two cars, with two taxes and MOTs to pay, and worst of all, two insurance premiums. My insurance company wouldn't allow two cars on the same policy. The reason being is that I had the intention to modify the GTE and not the SR. So ALL my NCD went on the GTE (to keep costs down) and my SR with 0 NCD. I might as well use the SR for going to work in and then concentrate on modifying the GTE. Well that was the idea anyway.

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