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Project TOPBUZZ under way (or is it?)...

OK, a recap on the story so far. I wanted to modify a car, so I brought a SR thinking that everything would be OK. But it wasn't. It would be too costly and inefficient to do all the work on the SR, so I brought a GTE instead. However, I've got two Novas now, which is not costing too much fortunately, but I would prefer to sell the SR (to get some money).

The decision that I have now taken is to keep the SR until the tax & insurance comes near to their end. This means I can concentrate on modifying the GTE while I use my SR to go to work etc. What would be an advantage is to find somewhere that can do ALL my mods, instead of going to garage to garage to get bits done. First I need to sort the bits that I can do (to keep costs down) and what I can't do. I know that a lot of the interior and the ICE I can do my self (I'm an electronic technician, so the ICE won't be a problem).

It would be best if the car was resprayed first (with body kit etc) and then the engine/mechanical modifications following afterwards. But the engine that I'm after is a bit rare. It seems that Vauxhall didn't make many of these, in fact it was only used on the Corsa GSi and some Tigras. A added complication was that there were reports of some of these GSi engines being faulty. In that there were problems with valves and pistons, they kept on failing. And to make matters worse, you didn't know about this fault until you start using the engine.

But when you do get an engine transplant, there are warranty/guarantee with it anyway. But who would do the work. No one around my local area could do the job, only bits of it. So I had to go further adrift. Courtney Turbos was my first thought, of whom I contacted. They could do the engine transplant and the rest of the mechanical work but not any of the bodywork. Plus they did have a look for a Corsa GSi engine but couldn't find any. The next people who sprung to mind were ASW, as they do some work for other members of the PNG.

I got in contact with ASW and was surprised to how much they could do and at the price they quoted. Even better was that they had a Corsa GSi engine in the workshop. Things were starting to look up. So I E-mailed ASW a more detailed list of the stuff that I wanted. Plus it would help to get a final asking price for which I could put down a deposit and give them a month notice (that's what they requested). But that's the last time I heard from them, every time I phone them, there's always a answer machine now. It's now been nearly 2-3 weeks since the last time I talked to them. I can't do anything until we have an agreement on the work that needs to be done. So for the time begin, project TOPBUZZ is on standby until further notice.

STOP PRESS, guess who I had a phone call from, yep ASW. On the 24th Nov they got in contact with me, and do you know why they haven't been replying to my phone calls/E-mails/Faxes etc. Because they went to the Network Q Rally, thats why. So now its only a matter of time before things start to get under way!!

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