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January 1999...

1998 was a bit of a disappointment, as I wanted to get the project under way. I'm still persevering with ASW, as I know that they're aware that I'm interested in getting the car done. They have sent me a reply E-mail from my FAX that I sent them about mid-January confirming that they've got the details and would be back soon. Another reason why they've been taking so long is that they are reconstructing the company, and to a new location. This explains why the answer machine has been on all the time. I've again sent them another E-mail explaining my project car. I'm still waiting.

Feburary 1999...

I've eventually had an answer from ASW, they can't do my project car, not a single bit. But they could supply the parts. This news has coursed some concern as I now have to look elsewhere. They did mention to try Novatech, in which I phoned them up. After giving all the details on what I wanted, they could do the work. But they would call back, to discuss prices. At the same time I had an E-mail from someone recomending Regal Autosport in Southampton. I gave them an E-mail saying what I wanted, and they too could do my project car.

March 1999...

Novatech never answered back, but that wasn't a problem as Regal could do the work anyway. We arranged a time to meet and to discuss the project further and have the bodyshop have a look at the car first, to see if they could do all the bodywork on it. After several trips to Regal and a lot of talking, it was clear that the project was going to cost more than I thought. It was going to be over my buget to get MOST of the work done, including fitting decent security and paying for the insurance (they only wanted an extra 50 if it was modified!). I still need some more money for the ICE system. Things were looking bad.

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