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Should I carry on...

I had to make a decision. Is it really worth spending ALL this money on a small hatchback car, knowing that in the furture when trying to sell it, I won't get hardly anything for it. But having said that, I know that it would really nice and that I had created it, it was MY idea. It was only when I went to the bodyshop at Regal again that I noticed this silver Calibra with all the DTM bodykit on and some huge 17" alloys on. I knew I've seen this car before, but I couldn't put my finger on it. It wasn't till a few days later, when flicking through some old Revs magizines on trying to find some cheaper prices for parts, was when I saw the Calibra. It was a front cover car. The Novemebr issue, and at the back it was for sale for 9000.

The big decision...

This Calibra was up for sale, and it had quite a bit done to it. I got in contact with the owner and arranged to meet him at Southampton at 9am sharp. Why so early?, well he was going to put the car up for auction THAT MORNING, so I had to act quick. I test drove the car, had good look around on the body work. The only bad thing was the high milage for a K reg, it used to be a company car in the past, hence the high milage. What should I do? Go and spend my money on the Nova or get a bigger car and engine, with mods done to it, for almost the same price?

A decision was made...

After thinking a lot about, and a little haggling of the price, I put down a depost for it. I had the money anyway, but now I've got TWO unwanted Nova's, and trying to get a cheap insurance quote for the calibra. This was the main probelm, trying to find an insurance company who would insure a 22 year old with a 150+ bhp 16v Calibra. It wasn't easy, but I got quite a cheap fully comp quote. Next problem was trying to get rid of both my Nova SR and GTE. I spent a small fortune advertising these in magizines and papers. Of course as I had TWO cars to sell, I had to do everyting twice. Also some companies thought I was trade trying to sell them as Private, which is illegal. So I had some hassle with that.

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