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OK, I admit I've got the modification bug. During making this website, I've got a lot of ideas from magazines, websites, motorshows and word of mouth. See, the first car I got when passing my driving test was a D reg AUSTIN METRO 1 Litre, the only thing I could afford at the time. I drove this around and got a few NCB along the way. I didn't like the Metro a lot, manly because the underneath was rotten. So I wanted something better within my budget.

MetroPic1 MetroPic2 MetroPic3
My Metro, with 'go faster' brown stripe down the sides.

The search for a Nova begins...

A friend of mine had just brought a Red GTE privately from someone at his college (Maidstone) for around 2000, and it wasn't in bad nick either. I couldn't afford the insurance for a GTE (group 11), but I could for a SR (group 5-7). For a project in mind, I wanted a Nova with a decent shell, not smacked or twisted etc, didn't mind a bit of rust as long as it was surface rust. So I went and looked for a SR, but I couldn't find the type I wanted for love nor money in the Medway area, months went by while I was looking for one. And then, 5 months later there was a Red E plate SR for sale in a courtyard in Gravesend, for 2500, with Clifford alarm etc.

I went there and had the intention of part exchanging my Metro for this Nova. The car itself was OK apart from a broken wing mirror and a cracked front light cluster. The back box was a PECO Big Bore 4, which looked all right but sounded really harsh. I offered to pay cash, hoping to get a discount, he said no. I then mentioned the broken and damaged parts, he still didn't budge. I offered my Metro for part exchange, do you know what he offered me, 100!!.

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